"We have everything we wish NOT to have in Romania" - Raparta

Sunday, February 26, 2006

First REAL Hiphop party

I've been to some so called hiphop parties, as i blogged beofre, organized in my town, but the one i've been at last night was something i never thought it will happen. A guaranteed show, with the local bands and with rap battles. (OK, so the bands aren't really good, in fac they are kinda bad, but still, with a little beer and vodka on board you wouldn't even had noticed that :))
Congratulations to my man mOW who won the first round of the battle againt Shaolin, making a fool out of him, i can't even remember when i last had so much fun!

Looking forward to a repeat!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nate did it

Yeah, it sometimes happens.. if i forget to update the blog when it should be done, i remain without inspiration.. or i have to post old news.
Anyway, since my last input was about the allstar game i just want to express my joy for lil Nate Robinson who won the Slam Dunk contest with a jump OVER 5'6 Spud Webb (the 1986 contest winner). It was fun to watch the show, Nate had some crazy dunks and even though he needed 14 tries to make his last dunhk, in my oppinion he deserved to win. Thumbs down to Kobe, Iverson, ESPN, Houston and all the haters that kept on bitching over saying that Iguodala was robbed.
Nobody seemed to notice that Iggy had the same dunk last two times (just from different angles), that his best dunk was in the first round and that the new rule says that you can miss as manu times as you want without being penalized.

Totally disguested about all this...

Check out all the dunk nate robisnon made on February 19th at: http://www.knicksonline.com/downloads/audio_video

Saturday, February 18, 2006

NBA All Star Weekend

It's been some time since my Knicks represented at the All Star weekend, and even if none of the players made it to the all star game, we have 3 players in 3 competitions:

Channing Frye and Nate Robinson were selected to play in the rookie challenge (the rookie vs sopshomore game).
Quentin Richardson will defend his title as the best 3 point shooter.
Nate Robinson again will try to win the slam dunk contest as the smallest player in the all star week-end.

The Rookie vs Sophomore was already played (picture) but unfortunatelly i can't find a box score to see exactly how my 2 players did, i just know that Nate scored 13 points, and Channing had 9 points and 6 rebounds. They both represented the Knicks great so far!
I can't wait for someone to posta torrent so i can download the game.
Tonight's the big show. Q and N8 for the Knicks again! I am so excited!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Trip to Bucharest - Wu Tang Killa Beez show

I told you a few entries beofore i had tickets to the Wu Tang Killa Beez concert in Bucharest. All i can say is that it was by far THE BEST CONCERT I'VE EVER ATTENDED TO. Last september i was at the Kid Koala concert and that was amazing too, but you cannot compare it to this one.

We left Targu Mures on February 15th at 7 am and we arrived at Sighisoara with cars one hour later. From there the took the Inter City, it was such a blast on the train, we kept on telling jokes and started imagining how will the concert be like, did some pics.. i was really impressed by the beautiful sights of our country.. take a look at these pics with the mountains near Brasov.

The first oine is took in the train station at Sinaia i think.. the snow was beautifull i couldn't resist not to imortalize the image.
The next two images are taken shortly after, amazed by the clouds or fog that was on the mountain peaks

Ok, finally we arrived in Bucharest at 1.30 PM. We met Spooke who we've hanged with untill about 3 pm when me Paula and Sauce went to visit the Romanian Museum of History. It wasn't as i've thought it would be, there were basically just 2 major objectives: Traian's column and the Romanian Treasure (tons of gold from the oldest times).. well.. what could been recovered from the Russians.

At 17.30 we went to meet with the Hades Records crew & friends. The purpose of the meeting was to go all of us organized to the place where the concert was supposed to be. That meant switching the subway 2 times. Imagine a group of about 200 rappers waiting to get in the train.. you don't wanna know how frighten the people in the train were when they saw us :))
I goit to meet with some friend on some forums i'm into, some rappers in the industry, it was all OK./
The show started at about 8pm i think and it was hosted by Nai'gh'ba of Da Hood. The first performance came from Turntable Science (DJ Dox, DJ Paul, DJ Undoo, DJ FaiboX) who entertained the crowd for about 30 minutes. After that, it was time for the most well known band in Romania to continue. Parazitii rocked the mic for another hour, and at one time they had this great ODD which left everyone with their mouths open.
Everybody expected to see Salah Edin next (who was supposed to sing in the oppening of the Killa Beez) but instead, the Wu entered the stage and they sang few songs, then Salah entered and sang his part, it was aaaaal craaazy, nobody was expecting for such an amazing show.
The concert was over at 11.15 pm and it was time for me to go buy my Shabazz the Disciple CD. Shabazz was very cool, and he signed it for me.

The only thing i now regret is that we should have made it to the after party too, but we lost contact with our middle-man. Anyway, i was pretty tired so we went to my man to take a few hours of sleep, but the next day at 8 am we were up.
I never miss the chance in Bucharest to take pics near the biggest building in the world after the Pentagon.

Before taking the train to return home, we visited the Military Museum. Now that is something everybody should see if they go across the country. It is something so big and so amazingm, words cannot describe. Weapons from the neolithic and untill today. Scenes from different wars (including WW1 and WW2), King Carol's sword and a special section dedicated the the revolution from December 1989. It's a definitely must see place. In the interior yard there were tanks, TABs, planes and other military automobiles. It took us about 3 hours to see everything.

We finally took the train at 4.50 PM and arrived in Sighisoara at about 9 PM. the road from there to Tg Mures was very difficult because it snowed for 2 days and some accidents happened on the road that day, so it took us more than one hour, but we finnlly got home safe and healthy :)

Comming up next, the GZA on April 4th :D

PS: Thanks to all my friends who were there with me:
Sauce, Paula, mOW, Alex, Creify. Soon we'll do it again!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Ya-ha, after asking friends about how to set up an internet radio, i decided to take the matter in my hands and start google for something helpfull. In less than an hour i was broadcasting live :)
It's a pretty interesting toy, look, if you wanna listen to what i listen, just go to, download the playlist and enque it in your winamp.

the radyradio show! =)

Monday, February 06, 2006

American Justice

I wanted to post this since last week, but couldn't .. i finally got some free time, hope it's not making the story older, i just want to express my point of view.
First of all i have to say that i have nothing against the american people, i love them, i love their contry, i love their culture, i hate their government.

Ok, so what's up. A year ago there was suposed to be a great rock concert, which was being organized by one of the most loved musicians from Romania, Teo Peter. Just before the concert to start (i think it was a day beofre), while being in a taxi, he was hit by US Marine Staff Sergeant Christopher Van Goethem, who was driving his car, under the influence. As a result, Teo Peter lost his life. RIP

What happens next? Van Goethem is being quickly sent back in the USA in order to be examined in a military preliminary which to decide if a trial should be followed or not. Sounds almost decent, except that he broke a rule in our country, and he should have been trialed here!

Last week the bomb dropped. Christopher Van Goethem was found guilty by false in declaration and the obstruction of justice. Wait a minute, something doesn't sound right. Where's the murder? Apparently major Stackhouse, Cristopher's lawyer invoked the fact that there was no evidence Teo Peter was in the taxi that night. Now i don't know how right or wrong this sounds for you people, but this was one of the most dissapointing cases i've ever heard of.

This is a mokery, not just to the address of Teo Peter's family, but towards our whole country. Let's not forget that Romania has been an ally of the United States for the past years and at the time of the accident, our countruy had 800 military troops deported in Iraq.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Euro 2008 Preliminaries

Today were extracted the groups and the teams that will try to qualify for the Euro 2008 tournament. A total of 7 groups containing 7 national teams each, will try to give their best to make the final tournament.
Romania has missed the past 3 championships (World cup 2002, Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006) because of a number of stupid games, which were all winnable , a coach resignation back in '02 that could have lead us to Korea and Japan, and a referee that stole us the last seconds of the last game in '04.
Another blowup could be a disaster for our football.. the club teams are really trying in uefa cup, we have many values, but we need ca coach that can scout too.
Anyway, here are the teams Romania will face:

A team with no pretentions from this competition.. maybe gain some experience. Even if we would play in 8 players, all from the bench we could win both games
Another easy team. Again, 2 wins from this round
Everything cool. No worries so far
This is the team that went to World Cup 2002 from Korea and Japan in our spite. Here is our chance for revenge. We MUST win both games!
Bulgaria is a team that could put us in trouble. They are also fighting for the 2ns place, so i expect tough confrontations from the games. Hopefully we'll win at Bucharest and try for a draw at Sofia
The favorite for winning this group. We also met them in the preliminaries for World Cup 2006 and we lost both games. A revenge would be sweet, but i'm hoping we don't lose both games, hell, a win at home would be more then perfect.

As we can see, the gorup is not tough, there's Holland who is going to win it 80%, Bulgariaon who we must concentrate, and Slovenia against we have some unfinished business.

Hope i;'m not mistaken, but my oppinion is that Romania will finally be at a final tournament again!

Romania's team at Euro 2000:
#22 Ionel Ganea, Bogdan Stelea, Gica Popescu, Iulian Filipescu, Cristi Chivu, Costel Galca, #2 Dan Petrescu, Gica Hagi, Dorinel Munteanu, Viorel Moldovan, Adrian Ilie